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アメリカを代表する現代アーティストのChristopher Wool(クリストファー・ウール)とFelix Gonzalez-Torres(フェリックス・ゴンザレス=トレス)によるコラボレーション作品『 Untitled, 1993(The Show is Over) 』。








A site-specific work for the 1993 Printed Matter exhibition at Dia in New York. Functioning as a 'stack' piece by Félix Gonzalez-Torres in collaboration with Christopher Wool, the work was available to be taken one by one from the stack by attendees. As with Gonzalez-Torres' other famous 'stack' pieces, the work was created with an unknown edition size, and replenished as needed for the run of the exhibit. 

Based on a 1990 painting by Wool, which appropriated the infamous text by the radical Russian revolutionary Vasily Rozanov. In 1967, Raoul Vaneigem championed the by-then forgotten text as the perfect expression of nihilism, making it a central text to the Situationist International. Here, Wool spaces and disrupts the syntax of the phrase to avoid automatic interpretations and question the meaning of representation in painting itself. A collaboration between two of New York's premier conceptual artists for Printed Matter.


●寸法:W935×H1,412 × D30mm

Christopher Wool & Felix Gonzalez-Torres|Untitled, 1993

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